Inspired by nature

Our company

Our story was born in Lac-St-Jean, inspired by the beautiful blueberry fields and the incredible properties of this little fruit. Loved by all for its delicious taste and for its antioxidant properties, the wild blueberry is brimming with potential benefits for skin health...

What makes us different? Radiance!

Each product, in addition to having a specific fruit selected for a specific skin type, contains Kakadu plum extract, resulting in naturally glowing skin!

The power of fruits and nature for visible results.

Only the best goes in our products: a natural ingredient base

  • Fruit, plant and flower extracts
  • Natural fragrances
  • No chemical preservatives, PEG and parabens

A family heritage

Our story

One conviction, one company

Convinced that the wild blueberry is among the best fruits in the world, Amélie Fortin wanted to exploit its full potential. Knowing that the antioxidant properties work wonders for the skin, she wanted to use wild blueberries, one of the fruits containing the highest concentration of antioxidants, to develop unique and effective facial care.

january 2016
birth of "Ta peau, ton fruit"

After conducting some thorough research, the idea of designing an entire line of skin care products based on wild blueberries transformed into wanting to conceive different skin care lines based on different fruits for different skin types. A simple yet catchy concept: Ta peau, ton fruit = your skin type, your fruit!

march 2016
Experience, above all!

Beautiful ideas and a beautiful concept are not all. The feasibility of the product had to be confirmed with professionals of the cosmetics industry. In March 2016, after a series of unsuccessful laboratory tests in the previous months, Amélie meets with a seasoned chemist who believes in her concept. Together, they develop the first Ta peau, ton fruit product: a wild blueberry moisturizer designed for normal skin types.

november 2016
A leap into the unknown!

The first product is ready! It exceeds our expectations and we are ready to market it. The response is positive, people are satisfied with the product and the company. Following this excitement surrounding the brand, the founder Amélie Fortin decides to jump in with both feet and it is the beginning of a beautiful story.

May 2017
Advice from the best

Ta peau, ton fruit wants its products to be available in beauty salons, so that its customers can receive personalized advice when purchasing facial care products.

november 2017
The second ... of a long series!

That's when the second Ta peau, ton fruit product is launched. Due to the large demand for this type of product by the company's customers, an enzymatic exfoliator earned its place in the company's main product line.

What will our next fruit be?
Our next line of products?

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