Behind Ta peau, Ton fruit
The founder

The founder, Amélie Fortin, has always been very passionate about cosmetics and has dreamed of creating her own line a facial care since a very young age. Lac-St-Jean native and born in a family where blueberries were a source of income, she has always been very knowledgeable about the little blue fruit. In fact, she got her first job at the age of 13 in the production line of the blueberry freezing plant that her father, uncles and grandfather had built in 1989. Later, she started selling fresh blueberries in the tourist kiosks of Dolbeau-Mistassini, her hometown. It was during this summer job that she learned more about the exceptional properties of blueberries and that the idea of designing blueberry-based cosmetics began to take form. An ideal concept, where she could combine her two passions.

It was only several years later, after finishing her studies in administration and marketing, that the idea began to transform into something real. Amélie was barely 23 years old and had had her diploma for only two months when she decided to follow through with her idea: she would build her own line of blueberry-based facial care. Following extensive research on the properties of other fruits, she pushed the concept even further to create Ta peau, ton fruit—your skin type, your fruit! Why should she limit herself to blueberries, knowing that so many other fruits have hidden and exceptional properties?

Taking the best of what nature has to offer to create effective and high quality facial care.

A passion for facial care!
A love of fruit!
Two passions combined.

Amélie decided to create her "ideal" cosmetics company. Facial care made from natural ingredients, using the best of fruits and nature. Effective care with a luxurious design and affordable prices.


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