Ta peau, Ton fruit : Essence Serum Review

Article publié sur le blogue Carla’s Trends

Par Carla Gagnon

As you may know, one of my friend from school started her own organic skincare brand a couple of years ago. I did a review on her other products so you can go check it out!!

I RAVE about her products. They are so well made, perfect for my skin and OH MY do they smell heavenly! They are made with wild bluberries (which is what the Quebec is known for), so I let you imagine the smell. It’s litterally as if you were walking in a field of blueberries.

I have been wating so long for her next product, AND IT’S FINALLY HERE. This really demonstrate how good her products are ; there are usually a year between each new launch. She works tirelessly with a really good chemist and really do everything so every product is the best it can be.

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